The Art
Of Recycling

Paverpol Niagara teaches and creates art
that enriches people's living rooms, back yards and gardens.

Express yourself with a new art form!

Only this first class product has a global safety hallmark! Therefore, it is safe for both man and animals, as well as for the environment. Artists, hobbyists, schools and other groups use it to their complete satisfaction.

Do I Need To Be An Artist?

Everyone has a creative side! You will be surprised just how easy it is to create a piece of artwork you are proud of.

One of my goals in teaching the art of Paverpol is that everyone walks away from the class proud of the piece they have made. I want you to have the bragging rights to your work of art, so as a certified Paverpol Instructor I will work with you to make it the best it can be.


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What Is Paverpol Exactly?

Paverpol is a water based decoration– and textile hardener about the consistency of a thin paint. A first class product, which has acquired a prominent place among artists and hobbyists for more than a decade.

Endless Possibilities

Paverpol makes rock-hard materials of: – textile, fabrics, paper, leather, moss, tree branches.

Use it on ( baby) clothes, dry- and silk flowers, clay, Styrofoam, paper Mache, bark fibers, decorations and much more and it is sealed forever. Create stone-look figures using Paverpol and Art Stone.


Materials that are hardened or sealed with Paverpol can be placed in the garden or patio throughout the year no matter how cold or wet it is outside!

The Paverpol Process


We start with a wire armature (frame) made from old electrical wire from various construction sites. The wire is twisted and shaped into a “stick figure” that from all appearances looks to be nothing much at all. But this is what I love! We start off with the same wire frame and every piece ends up being wonderful and unique in the end!

Foil Wrap

The wire armature needs “meat”. That is made using aluminum foil that is folded into strips and wrapped tightly around the wire. Some people like more wiry bodies and others like more bulk to it. The choice is yours. And the position you want to put it in is your choice as well.

Apply & Paint

Once the armature is foil wrapped to your liking, we get gooey with the paverpol! Strips of cloth (old bed sheets or t shirts) are dipped into the paverpol and then wrapped around the piece creating a “skin”. Once dry (by air in about 24 hours, or with a blow dryer), it is then lightly dry brushed with acrylic craft paints to enhance the texture and give the statue “life”.

Paverpol Classes

Attend a class solo or get a group of your friends together for an artistic experience you will be sure to love!

Class sizes are limited to 8 people. This allows for me to attend to each individuals needs. So, be sure to register early.  (NOTE:  a minimum of 3 participants is required for a class to run.)


Heron Class

Create a life size heron that can be enjoyed in your garden all year round!

COST: $185 (includes all supplies with the exception of an old t shirt, aluminum foil and masking tape) (An additional 1/2 hour will be required after a 48 hour drying time (to be arranged at the class)to complete the project.)

Mask Class

A beautiful piece that can be enjoyed in your home or on your patio wall. It’s a great 2 hour beginner class for young people and adults alike.

COST: $30 (includes all supplies with the exception of an old t shirt and some costume jewellry)

Garden Angel Class

This beautiful garden piece stand about 3′ tall and can be enjoyed for many years.

COST: $185 (includes all supplies with the exception of an old t shirt, aluminum foil, and masking tape) (An additional 1/2 hour will be required after a 48 hour drying time (to be arranged at the class)to complete the project)

Female Statue Class

Create a stunning statue as a focal point for your mantel or wall unit.
She stands about 18″ tall.

COST: $90 (includes all supplies except an old t shirt, aluminum foil, and masking tape)

NEW - Owl Class

Your choice of either a Large owl or 2 small owls.  An great introductory course or a fun night out – 3 hour class.

COST: $55 (includes all supplies)

Do Your Own Thing Day

This will be a day for those who have already taken a class, to work on a project of their choice. I will be available to guide and assist, but the project is your own!

COST: $8/hr plus supplies

"I did not think I was artistic and did not think my end result would be anything I would be proud of, wow was I surprised. I have made a mask and a Heron that is magnificent,"

− Nina Leroux

"My family and friends are amazed by my creations. The workshops are a wonderful way to stimulate and satisfy your creative need."

− Pat Waters

"I have made several pieces on my own at home which says a lot as to what an excellent teacher Tamara is and how helpful she was in giving me tips on what I was doing on my own."

− Nina Leroux

Grab A Bunch Of Friends And Try It Out Yourself

Class registration is open for Spring 2016! Check out the different classes and be sure to get your registrations in early.