Not just a business, it’s a community

Starting a business can be scary, thats why Paverpol focuses on providing you with the support and encouragement you need to succeed. You are joining a community of individuals who have made their business as large or as small as they want by teaching creative workshops. It’s a new endeavour, one that holds exciting opportunities.

Do I have the skills?

Paverpol Instructors are a variety of both men and women that have one thing in common.

They love art.

Not everyone has been dreaming of starting a business, or even thought they are confident enough to teach, but over time, and through the support of the Paverpol community they’re doing just that.

What you need to be a Paverpol Instructor is not found in skill or personality, it is found in determination, an open mind and an excitement to join something new.

We hope you will join us!

“Building and supporting a team of women and men who are excited about what they do is why I care so much about this business. It is not simply a job, it is a passion, and every class I teach I love it even more.”

How to become a Paverpol Instructor

You would be eligible to take the instructors class when you have have taken 2 Paverpol workshops and have a few sculptures made. In the two-day class you work with and get experience in using (almost) all products in the Paverpol product range. It provides you with knowledge on building sturdy frames, constructing wire skeletons and bases for sculptures.

I regularly schedule two-day Paverpol Instructor Classes.

Start a new, exciting and creative journey today!